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Norfolk contributed 1.05% of the total UK aid budget last year


About us

The Norfolk Counts tool was developed by Save the Children, VSO, Unicef, ONE and Global Citizen to help raise awareness about Norfolk’s impact on some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

We hope that this tool helps the people of Norfolk take pride in the impact they have across the globe.

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How do we know Norfolk's impact?

In order to determine Norfolk’s contribution to the UK Aid budget, we used Norfolk’s regional Gross Value Added (GVA) as a percentage of the UK’s total GVA as a proxy for Norfolk’s estimated contribution to the economy. Given the UK government does not produce regional GNI, we have elected to use UK GVA as an equivalent measure to GNI.

The total calculation of Norfolk's contribution to UK Aid is as follows:

  • • Norfolk (Norwich and East Norfolk, North and West Norfolk, Breckland and South Norfolk) total GVA is £19,089 million
  • • UK GVA less Extra-Regio is £1,729,082 million
  • • Norfolk total GVA/ UK GVA less Extra-Regio = Norfolk’s percentage contributed to ODA or 1.05%

With an overall UK Aid budget of £13,933 million, Norfolk’s portion of said budget is 1.05% of the total amount. Applying the figure of 1.05% to general UK Aid statistics, we can determine numbers the following:

  • • The UK delivered 1950 tonnes of emergency Relief
  • • 1.05% of 1950 tonnes of emergency relief = 20.5 tonnes
  • • Norfolk delivered 20.5 tonnes of emergency relief

We’re grateful for the support of the Office of National Statistics and volunteer scientists at DataKind who helped make our calculations robust.


What should you tell them?

• You are proud of Norfolk's contribution to international development
• You support the government spending 0.7% or more of GNI on international aid.
• Your MP's decision to support international aid could influence your vote in the next election